Cities Skylines

Are you fond of playing Minecraft? If so, you like building things. You see, in Minecraft, you can pretty much build whatever you want and whatever that is in your mind.

Well, what if I tell you that there is a game that is more visually appealing than Minecraft?

Today, we are going to talk about the Cities Skylines. Cities Skylines is a simulation game where you run the city and build structures to make your city appealing.

Your role in the game is like a mayor; you run the city by building structures and roads to make your city more progressive.

When you start the game, you will be presented with a 2×2 kilometer of barren land. What you need to do is create structures that will benefit the city. You will also be given some money so that you can create the buildings you deem necessary for the city to grow.

There is also a motorway by default. This is where tourists can visit your city and look around, increasing your city’s revenue.

During the course of the game, you will have to make executive decisions for the betterment of your city.

After building homes, you need to build industrial structures like malls and theme parks. This is to increase the city’s revenues so that you can build more structures or roads.

You also have the power to invest in utilities such as water, food, sewage systems, and power lines.

After building your basic structures, you can go on ahead and build skyways, more roads, health care facilities and more.

The possibilities of this game are endless. You pretty much have the luxury to build whatever building you see fit and as your city improves, so will the population.

You also need to establish buildings that will employ the use of your civilians. Everybody’s got to work, right?

There are also some small improvements you can do. For example, suppose you put up a shopping mall. Whenever the city’s inhabitants are more educated, there will be more jobs for them, thus, increasing your revenue.

In order for people to become educated, you need to build more schools and educational facilities to help them hone their education and skills.

Another thing you need to put your attention into is the transportation scheme. You will be in charge of creating the roads and it is up to you how you will do it.

When building roads, you need to put in mind the effectiveness of the road. If you put the roads in areas where roads are not permissible, you will create havoc by creating traffic.

If you plan it right, however, not only will the traffic be severely reduced, you will also attract a lot of tourists in your city as well.

The main game mode requires you to work hard in order to build your city, but if you just want to try things out first, there is a special game mode where you have an unlimited amount of money.

The Cities Skylines is a game that has garnered a lot of praises and critical acclaim. If you want to build structures and act as a mayor of the city, then this game is for you.