Pokemon Go Gym Glitch

So, Pokemon Go is still going strong despite its setbacks. Niantic has finally released a statement about the removal of the Pokemon tracking tool. So to appease fans, they released a new “Sightings” tool that is not as powerful as the tracking tool but it will definitely do for now.

The game that took 20 years in development clearly still has a lot of bugs and there is actually a new glitch that is kind of game-breaking.

Ever seen one of those Pokemon Go gyms? Only one Pokemon can rule there but it can be challenged and defeated.

The thing about Pokemon Gyms is that if you take a hold of a gym, you will earn Pokecoins or the game’s currency.

So, if you want to rack up the Pokecoins, you need to make sure that your Pokemon is not defeated. In other words, put a Pokemon in your gym that is oh so powerful that no one can beat it.

Well, there is a newfound glitch that actually helps you get a hold of your gym for a long time.

As previously mentioned, if you hold a gym, you need to have a very Strong Pokemon to fend off would-be attackers.

But, what if you put in a Pokemon that cannot be killed? That is the current glitch that Pokemon Go’s gyms are facing.

So, what is this invincible Pokemon, you ask? Well, it is unknown but the identity of the item sure is: the PokeEggs.

As of this time of writing, whenever you put a PokeEgg in your gym, no player can attack it, therefore, you will hold the gym for an indefinite amount of time.

And, that indefinite amount of time pertains to Niantic’s ability to solve this current game-breaking glitch.

This can actually be detrimental to both Niantic and the players of the game. On the developer’s side, players can just rack up Pokecoins for free without any problems. On the player side, some of the people who are currently reaping the benefits of the exploit will have an unfair advantage than those people who play the game legitimately.

There is an obviously easy fix for this: don’t allow PokeEggs to be put in Pokemon Gyms. But it might be complex or something like that.

It is interesting to note that Niantic hasn’t issued any statement regarding this. I mean, there are still millions of players playing the game and something as big as this will hardly go unnoticed.

Still, some players have reported the issue to Niantic and hopefully, they can provide a fix for this at the soonest possible time.

In other news, Niantic has released a statement regarding the use of cheats. If you’re found out using cheating applications, you will then be banned for life from the game. Obviously, that is something that you do not want to happen to you.

Hopefully, these issues will get fixed soon so that no corrupt players can benefit from this.

Pokemon Go is available for the Android and iOS mobile phones.