Radiant Historia Game for the Nintendo 3DS

RPG games are one of my most favorite game genres. Not only do you get to have your own avatar but the story is compelling as well.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Radiant Historia Game for the Nintendo 3DS. If you like time-traveling, then this game is a good one for you.

The main focal point of the story is to go back in time and stop the “desertification” and the destruction of all the inhabitants of the continent, Vainqueur. The continent has been afflicted by what is known as the “Sand Plague” that, unbeknownst to many, turns people into sand.

You will control Stocke, a top agent from the nation of Alistel. Stocke will have to go back in time to uncover the mysteries as to how the desertification of the continent started.

After traveling back in time, Stocke found out that the desertification started when a greedy empire overused the Flux (which is the continent’s energy source) to create weapons for war.

By abusing the Flux to create armaments, the life of the planet is slowly draining away, thus, the start of the desertification.

Stocke’s mission is to prevent this from happening by defeating the evil emperor of the old empire. Of course, you can’t do this alone, that is why you will be accompanied by brave warriors.

Raynie and Marco are both subordinates of Stocke and both of them will join Stocke when the game starts. Rosch is Stocke’s childhood friend and he will join sometime before Stocke goes back to the past.

Eruca is a pistol-wielding princess of Granorg, one of the key cities of the game. She is the daughter of Granorg’s tyrant, Queen Protea. Luckily, she is not a tyrant and she wants to correct the wrongdoings her mother did to the city.

Aht is a Shaman that will join Stocke much later in the game. She uses magic spells and is considered to be the main magic user of the game. Gafka is a warrior from the Forgia Village. He fights with his hands and is the most physically gifted among all other party members.

As for the Radiant Historia Game for the Nintendo 3DS’ gameplay, this game incorporates the use of different timelines. As you’ve probably guessed it, this game has multiple endings depending on how you alter the timelines.

The Radiant Historia Game for the Nintendo 3DS also has a turn-based battle system, but instead of only a side-scrolling map, you will be put in a 3×3 grid. Now, depending on the size of the enemy, they will take up grid space that is appropriate for the size of the enemy.

Some huge enemies (like bosses, for example) take up all the 3 grids on the enemy side. Players and enemies have the ability to fuse into one grid to perform one single special attack. After executing the attack, you or your enemy returns to the respective grids you were before the fight began.

The Radiant Historia Game for the Nintendo 3DS is highly acclaimed and its narrative is awesome. Time-travelling, altering timelines, compelling storylines, epic music; this game has it all!

If you want a solid and compelling RPG game for the Nintendo DS, then the Radiant Historia Game for the Nintendo 3DS is highly recommended.