Why the Nintendo games consoles are so popular

Nintendo games consoles have a phenomenal fan following across the world. While the gadgets or the features of the Nintendo games consoles certainly played a part, there were some wonders that also contributed to the success of the company.

  • Donkey Kong, one of the earliest phenomena in the virtual gaming arena, did not just make a mark in the world of arcade gaming but it paved the way for Nintendo to venture into the American market. Donkey Kong featuring the Jumpman was the precursor to Mario. It became a runaway hit and it was solely Nintendo that had the envisioning of using it to its maxim potential. Nintendo had made about $180 million in 1982, primarily riding on the success of Donkey Kong.
  • Super Mario Bros was released when Nintendo games consoles were already being sold across the United States. The Nintendo games consoles were then christened Nintendo Entertainment System or NES and Super Mario Brothers introduced Americans to a completely new genre of gaming.
  • Tetris was released in 1989 and it revolutionized the world of gaming by making games portable and interesting on handheld devices. Despite having some competition, Nintendo games consoles of that era, the Game Boy in particular, became a bestseller. The falling blocks in a puzzle game, Tetris was marketed well and it created a new fan base for Nintendo. Till then, it was primarily the Mario fans that drove the sales numbers for the company. After Tetris, there was more than one reason to buy Nintendo games consoles. In a very short span of time, more than thirty five million copies of Tetris had been sold and the number of Game Boy consoles sold across the world had crossed sixty four million.
  • Super Mario Bros 3 was launched extensively at a time when Nintendo games consoles were facing stiffer competition. Fortunately, The Wizard (movie) released in 1989, featured quite a lot of footage from Super Mario Bros 3 and that certainly helped the launch of the same on Nintendo games consoles. The game made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the biggest selling video game (not bundled with a console). It clocked sales of more than 17.8 million sales.
  • Nintendo games consoles continued to cash in on the Mario popularity. Introduced in 1991, the Nintendo games consoles were coupled with 16-bit Super Mario World and the result was 20 million in sales of the game and sales of 43 million consoles.