Xbox One S Has Just Been Released and Gamers are in For a Treat

Back in E3 2016, Microsoft was not shy of divulging some information about their future plans. One of their plans is to release an incremental upgrade to the current flagship console in the form of the Xbox One S.

Now, the Xbox One S has a 40% slimmer form factor and it is able to support 4K resolution videos as well. But, probably the best feature of the Xbox One S is its graphical prowess.

You see, the Xbox One S is fitted with a better hardware that can support the demand of most gamers; this being the graphics.

Digital Foundry, a group of people who loves to test new game console hardware, has tested the Xbox One S and they have found that some games do perform better in the Xbox One S compared to the original Xbox One.

Some of these games include Hitman, Project Cars, and even Batman: Arkham Knight with performance gains up to 6-11%.

That is a really huge performance boost given that the Xbox One S is purportedly just an “incremental” upgrade to the Xbox One.

The fact of the matter is that most players should see performance gains across the board because of the better hardware (unfortunately, the group only had their hands on a number of games so they can’t really tell).

Still, this is really big news for people who are holding off on the purchase. As of the time of writing, there are still some Xbox One S game consoles that are still available on the market, so if you want to buy one, then you have to be quick.

When you buy the Xbox One S today, you will be receiving a unit with a 2-Terabyte hard disk to store all of your games. Microsoft said that they will be releasing other variants such as the 1TB and the 500GB variants but they won’t be released until later this year.

You will also be receiving a convenient magnetic stand so you can put the Microsoft Xbox One is in a vertical orientation (this is also thanks to the slimmer form factor).

Those people who would love to have a black Xbox One S will be sad to hear that the company is only releasing the white version as of now.

Even though that is the case, for now, the white color scheme is actually pretty sleek. It is stylish and it really accentuates the amazing attention to detail. Probably, the only thing you should do with white game consoles is that you need to clean them more often as they tend to look ugly when they are dirty.

With the increased gaming performance across the board, 4K resolution video support, a magnetic stand, and a 2TB hard drive, the Microsoft Xbox One S is a very good deal.

The Xbox One S is currently priced at $400 which is pretty much the same as the original Xbox One in its launch.